Government Contracts

in your state.

State, local, and city governments spend $4 trillion annually! Much of that spend is awarded through government contracts to companies like yours.

Of course, the government contracting opportunity varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and from state to state. To learn more about government contracts in a target market near you, select a state below.

$1.92 T

State government spending


2.04 T

Local government spending


5.5 M

State government employees


14.2 M

Local government employees

The Mystery of Government Contracts


Winning government contracts is hard! There’s not only competition from other firms. There’s also confusion from government red tape.

As you approach the state and local government bureaucracy, you may ask…

  • Do I start at the state, county, or municipal level?
  • Which department oversees this function?
  • Who is my champion and how do I nurture them?
  • How do I find RFPs and streamline the process?
  • What’s the role of elected officials vs civil servants?

SLED Sales helps you cut through red tape to win more government contracts at the state and local level.


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