Drive GovTech and B2G Software Sales

with SLED Sales.

Getting your B2G software, data and insights product, or other govtech solution to market quickly is critical. But selling software and technology services to state and local governments involves a uniquely complex and lengthy sales process.

Avoid common missteps and get there faster with SLED Sales!

The public sector can be slow to adopt novel technologies but government contracting success is withing your reach.

We take you through every step of the government sales process to help you sell your B2G software, data and insights product, or other govtech solution to state and local government agencies.


SLED Market Activation Campaigns help B2G software and other govtech companies get to market faster while keeping headcount (and burn rate) low.

Our government technology sales team helps you win more state and local government contracts so you can keep your focus on product development.



Selling new govtech concepts requires a unique consultative approach. And displacing incumbent software and technology systems can be a drawn out, complex process.

Your SLED Market Activation Campaign overcomes those obstacles to get you to market faster. And, because you cancel at any time with two weeks notice, there’s far less risk than hiring.

Go-to-Market Strategy

Every state and local jurisdiction is different. Your GTM Strategy outlines a unique approach to selling into your target metro or state.

  • Sales message creation.
  • State-level opportunity analysis.
  • Precise target identification.

Sales Meeting Coaching

We book meetings, but you have to run them. Don’t worry though! We’ll be your coach to ensure your meetings are a success.

  • Brand audit for B2G audience.
  • Sales presentation reviews.
  • Custom B2G scenario training.

Appointment Setting

Can you afford to wait? We can start dialing in as little as two weeks for most products. That’s faster than you could even collect resumes.

  • Cold calling and followup.
  • Shared appointments calendar.
  • Weekly activity reporting.

Incremental Services

Selling to state and local government requires more than dialing for dollars. We know how to streamline the RFP process and win the tradeshow floor.

  • RFP/RFQ research.
  • Proposal writing.
  • Tradeshow strategy.

Accelerate public sector sales

Without Giving Up Equity.

Don’t add costly headcount or dilute your equity. De-risk government sales with a SLED Market Activation Campaign.


THE B2G Software Sales Challenge.

Connecting technology products to government buyers is hard! As you face the state and local bureaucracy, you may ask…

  • Do I start at the state, county, or municipal level?
  • Which department oversees this function?
  • Who is my champion and how do I nurture them?
  • How do I find RFPs and streamline the process?
  • What’s the role of elected officials vs civil servants?

SLED Sales helps you navigate the bureaucracy.


Accelerate public sector sales

and prove your concept.

Can you afford to wait? For govtech startups, early sales are key to fundraising and ongoing viability.

We can start dialing in as little as two weeks so you can start meeting with stakeholders and find product-market fit.