Meet the

SLED Sales Team.

Our B2G sales consultants have been selling to state and local governments across the U.S. since 1997. In that time, we’ve closed 200+ government contracts and generated over $50 million in SLED revenue.

In our careers, we’ve seen many effective B2C and B2B sales organizations struggle to build B2G sales success. They simply could not crack the puzzle of lengthy buying processes, compliance and red tape, and government-specific stipulations like bonding.

We launched SLED Sales to help companies with great products or services win more state and local government contracts. We’re here to accelerate public sector sales for your business.

20+ years

SLED sales experience


200 contracts

generated for our clients



SLED revenue since 1997

Grant Hayzlett, President

For over 20 years, Grant Hayzlett has won deals with state and local governments throughout the United States. His experience in B2G sales crosses state, county, and municipal jurisdictions and spans departments – from economic development to code enforcement to transportation.

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